Somehow we got to a story about a giant Resident Evil collection without first talking about the newest addition to the series: Resident Evil 6. Let’s change that right now by watching the E3 2012 RE6 trailer, but watch out for the mecha-zombie!


Like any good (bad?) action film, this trailer is all about quick shots, explosions, and some dude that wants to take over the world. What we can infer from some of these half second cuts is that Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, grown up Ashley Sherry Birkin (from RE2), and *gasp* the son of Resident Evil super-dick: Wesker. Ada Wong is purported to be working for some Neo-Umbrella to help spread some nice viruses around the world.

In this new RE, you apparently have the ability to play through three different but intersecting story lines with all of these characters, and you can now shoot while walking! The future is NOW.

Regarding mecha-zombie, you might notice there is a monster with a metal claw for a hand. I have lovingly described him as mecha-zombie because HOW ELSE CAN YOU DESCRIBE HIM?

Resident Evil 6, along with two Resident Evil collections, will go on sale this October 2nd.

Update: Mistakenly wrote that Ashley from RE4 is in the game when it is actually Sherry Birkin. Whoops!