If you are tired of World of Warcraft and there are too many gungans Star Wars: The Old Republic, then you might want to look towards recently released Tera. You can now try the game for half a fortnight, FOR FREE EVEN!

The information, if you want to know:

Now you can play TERA absolutely free for seven days with the new TERA trial. All you need is a free En Masse account to play TERA for seven days, and level up eight characters on any one server to level 23. When you convert to a paid subscription, you keep your characters.

To get better acquainted with the game, check out this trailer that has an ultra long cadence.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr6L7O-uyB4&w=620]

There is another method for trying out the game, too, which is an in-browser trial. So that’s neat.

Tera is Windows only, so take that Mac people.