It has been eleven years or so since the last time we helped Luigi suck up some ghosts. In that period of time it seems as though Luigi has upped his game, and in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, you get to catch ghosts in more than one dilapidate residence.


If you are familiar with the original Luigi’s Mansion, you’ll know that Luigi is tasked with creeping through dark rooms that are filled with ghosts in hopes of getting rid of them. Just as fun is watching Luigi get completely terrified from every sound and thunder clap.

This new title for the 3DS is more of the same, but now in 3D!

Ghostly Adventures Await in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
The new Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon gives players multiple mansions to explore, a variety of puzzles to solve and new ghosts to capture. Armed with the Poltergust 5000, a ghost-sucking, vacuum-like invention, Luigi must complete a number of missions assigned to him by Professor E. Gadd.


Shining a light on the ghosts is no longer enough to stun them into immobility. Players need to activate a new strobe function to stun the ghosts before sucking them up with the Poltergust 5000.

Every mansion is filled with unique puzzle elements and ghosts. Players must figure out how to defeat each one of them and find hidden clues and keys to unlock new areas.

You can help Luigi wrangle some ghosts at the end of this year.