So you have a Playstation 3 and a thirst for shooting dudes in space. Killzone 3 isn’t footing the bill like you want, and Starhawk for some reason isn’t either. What are you to do? The answer is simple: sign up for CCP Games’ Dust 514 beta!

Today the Dust 514 site announced that registration is now live for some (not all) of the public to play the beta of the game and help find all kinds of tasty bugs.

Today CCP Games is proud to announce that players can register for beta access to its upcoming free-to-play first person shooter, DUST 514, set to launch later this year exclusively on PlayStation® 3. The registration page is now live and players can register at

If you happened to attend Iceland’s EVE Fanfest convention then you already have an invite, but since most of us will have not had that pleasure, this public registration is your best chance.

If you haven’t heard of Dust 514, here is a short breakdown of the game (with more info from the official site):

DUST 514 is a PS3-exclusive persistent shooter focused on intense infantry combat augmented by powerful vehicles. Uniquely, it is set in, and directly connected to, the thriving player driven universe of EVE Online. Survive an evolving battlefield by customizing your character and vehicle fitting to fulfill the role of your choice – dominate the enemy as a specialized vehicle Pilot, support your squadmates as a Logistics officer, or storm the frontlines in your Assault armor. The battlefield has changed… will you?

Below is the 2011 E3 trailer for good measure. The game is scheduled to come out later in 2012.