Have you a hankering for a shooter that has its heart split among a FPS and a RTS and maybe some other three letter acronyms? If you said yes and you own a PS3, then today might just be your day as Starhawk has been released to the masses.


Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from the game from the official site:

Intense Air, Ground, and Vehicular Combat
Experience action-packed run and gun game play on foot, in vehicles, or in the air for an incredible range of combat.

New Build & Battle System
Change the battlefield to your advantage by utilizing a variety of equipment, vehicles and fortifications launched instantly from an orbiting drop ship.

Full single-player campaign
Called back to protect his home town of White Sands, hired gun Emmett Graves and his partner Sidney Cutter must rely on an arsenal of weapons and a little luck to fight off hordes of raiding Outcast and bring their leader, the ruthless outlaw, to justice.

Epic 32 Multiplayer Battles
Engage online opponents on vast battlefields spanning a variety of unique planets. Level up to personalize your experience with player upgrades, skills, and customizable skins for characters and vehicles.

Offline and Online Co-op Modes
Take on waves of enemies and defend your claim in 1-4 player Co-Op mode, via 2 player split-screen, or online with your friends

Word on the street says that future DLC will be free, too. A lot of games cannot say that, which is too bad for them. So there you have it. Shooting things, in SPAAAAAACE!