Another few weeks go by, another episode of Nintendorks Radio. This time we plunge into the depths of Diablo III and try to figure out if it is worth the time. Also, some other news!

This week’s episode can be found here.

Episode 078 – Stay a while and listen
Diablo III released to the world. All gasp and shudder.

Here are the things discussed!

What we played
Diablo III, Diablo III, Diablo III

Diablo 3 is always online. How does that make you feel?

Beta test Dust 514 at
New Last of Us trailer
Nintendo E3 Keynote news (June 5th, 12pm EST)
Speaking of Wii U, new leaked image makes the tablet look so much better!

You should take a listen to this episode, too, because we have special guest who has been through a lot in Tristram.