What was thought might be a short episode of Nintendorks Radio actually turned out to be one of regular size. It’s probably because we like to sometimes leisurely discuss things that have nothing to do with video games. It happens.

This week’s episode can be found here.

Episode 077 – The Days of Yore (01:09:58)
Phones hate video games and want to destroy the whole industry. Meanwhile, video games seem headed toward a one console future…. or are they?

In this episode we discussed so many things:

What we played (7:25):
Sniper Elite V2 (Demo)
I Am Alive

Topic (29:30):
Are we headed towards a one console future?

News (45:45):
Beyond Good & Evil 2 re-confirmed for next generation consoles
Starhawk is now out
Disappearing Battlfield 3 servers
Diablo III out this week!
Kid Icarus Sequel?
Final Fantasy XIV’s “Comeback Weekend”

Also, for no reason at all, we wonder what has happened to IGN’s former employee Matt Cassimassimassinasssina.