We cannot claim to be the first site to do this, and we even have another post this week doing the same thing, but let’s take a look at some user reviews of Diablo III. Everyone hates it.

The complaints are coming from all sides: it’s too casual now, the servers weren’t perfect from the first second, you always have to be connected to the internet to play even the single player. People have “been wronged” by Blizzard, or so they say. I have been pretty butthurt by games before, so I can feel their pain, but the level of butthurtery seems unrestrained for this game.

These reviews all come from Metacritic, which has a user review score right now of 3.6. Let’s take a look.

I’ve been wronged by Blizzard. They promised me a sequel to Diablo 2 one of the titles that holds a place in the pantheon of skilfully crafted games. This installment, Diablo 3 is nothing but a cookie cutter title with the Diablo franchise stapled onto its hide. 0/10 I’m extremely unsatisfied.

I’ve had this game since launch tuesday may 15 th and was only able to play 6 minutes and the rest of the time error 33 this is unforgivable shame on you blizzard wtf were you expecting… you f**kers

This game is just bad, really. Bad Story, Bad graphics, wow music and it’s generic and short as hell. This childish game is not Diablo. For me the last Diablo game is Diablo 2. Will try to forget this game and get a refund. Bought torchlight 2 already, a game from the true creators of the diablo franchise. Blizzard should give this franchise back to it’s creators or they should try to make a diablo 2 remake to redeem themselves from this tragedy… well… for what i have seen in this game, maybe not. I’ll not say anything about the bugs and connection problems, because they saved me from disappointment, at least for a few hours.

We wait 12 years in order to experience amateur hour in the launch of their Flagship game. Blizzard was a game company whose name was once a symbol of quality. What a complete disappointment and shame.

I actually spent the time to create an account on this site so I could write a review about HOW MUCH THIS GAME SUCKS. How do you wait 11 years to release a game and then **** it up that badly? In the two days this game has been live, the servers have been down constantly. And **** you Blizzard for making me play online. How the **** do you not have an offline version of this. Game play is awesome. I’d give it a 10 BUT IT’s NEVER ****ING LIVE. ZERO / 10

This is perhaps the first time that I have ever purchased a game that literally is broken. I played maybe 10 minutes and I have been kicked out. Quite honestly feel as if Blizzard has stolen my 60 bucks by given me a sweet log in page that goes nowhere, really disappointing.

And there are hundreds more like this that have rated the game a 4 or below. Most of it, unfortunately, seems to just be anger that the servers were going up and down. That’s a legitimate complaint for maybe a day or two. If that is all you are upset about, then chill and let that be fixed, because it will be. If Metacritic didn’t allow users to review a game for at least a day or two (which might make sense because you really can’t “review” a title after three hours or what-have-you), then we might be seeing a different story in the user ratings once everyone has had a chance to calm down.

Regardless of server issues, it probably is a little impossible to live up to the hype built up over a decade for the game, and these things that aren’t perfect are angering the nerd horde.

Oh well. It’s pretty safe to say that Blizzard is not upset with their game and all of the money they raked in on Tuesday.