When Nintendo focuses on a new console, it is sometimes difficult to remember that there are other keynotes happening prior to E3. As much as we are excited to see how the Wii U turns out to be, we must not forget that there’s a new Halo and…whatever Sony has coming soon. Here are the details on where you can catch these keynotes.


According to the Major Nelson blog, you can watch the keynote live via Spike TV on Monday, June 4th at 12:30p ET/ 9:30a PT. And for the first time ever, which seems crazy to me, you can actually watch the show on Xbox Live. Let’s just hope the feed goes full screen instead of in that little bordered box they so love to use.


Sony’s conference starts Monday, June 4th at 6p PT/9p ET and can be viewed on Sony’s E3 page and Gamespot’s Youtube page. While Spike seems to be covering both the Nintendo and Microsoft conferences, it doesn’t seem like they are having anything to do with Sony. This is ok because I have never heard a single person ever say, “Hey, did you see that thing on Spike TV last night?”


Third party are interesting because most of their games are going to be shown during the big three’s conferences anyway, but this year Ubisoft will have some big hitters like Assassin’s Creed III that will make their show worth watching. Their conference begins June 4th at 3p PT/ 6p ET and feeds can be found from Gamespot’s Youtube page.


Everyone loves to hate EA, but that didn’t stop tons of us from buying Battlefield 3. Like most of the other guys, EA will have a live stream on their page. Their conference starts June 4th at 1p PT/4p ET.

If there are any streams that I have missed, please let me know in the comments.