The title here really says it all. I was being reminiscent of this past year’s Skyward Sword, and decided to share a couple of my favorite tracks from the game.

Up first in the music you might hear the most in the game, but always is a pleasure. This is the piece played when you are flying about the sky.

This one is my favorite track in the entire game, mostly because of the imagery that accompanies it. There is going to be some white text that follows simply because I don’t want to spoil anything. Highlight it. About three quarters through the game, Link finds himself upon a vast desert. Soon after he enters the desert, he activates a time shifting stone and finds a friendly, old, seafaring, robot, ship captain (yep) that offers him a ride. The only problem is that there is no water. The time shifting stone only has a short area of affect, just a few yards. They manage to get the stone into an old broken down boat, and out of thin air appears water all around in addition to a functioning boat! They get in the ship and take off, driving their tiny oasis into a dry and acrid desert. The nature of this scene with the music behind it is the thing I remember most vividly about the entire game. I feel like this area of the game definitely marks one of the signature Nintendo moments that ooze with creativity you wish all game developers had.

That’s all to be shared for now. If you are curious to hear more music from the game, there is this nifty YouTube playlist that has pretty much all of the music from the game.