Our impromptu day of streaming Mincraft is now over. And what do we have to say for it? Well, the major thing we learned is that the sheep in the game are absolute idiots. That much is for sure. We also learned that building with glass is a scary thing when there are so many Creepers about. Given all of that, we did get a bit done on a scale version of OKC’s Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge.

The planned idea for this project was to make the entire Myriad Gardens, but we decided to start on the main attraction and build out from there. (If anyone is curious on how this place looks in real life here are some self promoting shots of the grounds that yours truly has taken.)

We ended up with doing about 2/3rds of the main building, with some left over. The most difficult problem we faced aside from the Creeper hoards was clearing out an area to build. That seemed to take the longest of everything. But it wasn’t too bad overall.

Now to the pictures!

So this is the real life building in an old Google Maps image:

And here is what we started to come up with:

The project, of course, is by no means finished, but we had fun and might do the streaming thing a little more often as the grounds progress. We’ll let you know!