Sometimes you end up being out of the state for a couple of weeks, and that hinders you a bit from getting the news across that a promotion you have going has ended. Sometimes that happens. And that’s the case here.

As you might recall, during the last two weeks of September we had a promo going where you could get Chaostle for the low, low price of $45 AND help the Preemptive Love Coalition. One person, we’ll call him Jeff, who purchased the game using the deal had this to say:

This arrived Monday but I couldn’t play this until last night. Quite fun! It reminds me of ‘Sorry!’, but with more awesome-ness. My son loved it and chased my dragon around with his dragon hunter the last half of the game instead of going for the exit. I won, but his dragon hunter was almost fully upgraded.

How can you not like a game that has a “Random Axe of Kindness” attack?

See? I wasn’t lying when I said it was a good game! All told, the promotion ended up only getting a couple of sales, totaling $30 for charity, but every little bit helps. Thanks for checking out the game, and if you happened to buy one during this promo, you are probably the coolest person in your town.