Have you ever wanted to know what’s like to operate on someone that may or may not be carrying a disease that could very well destroy the world? Well, Trauma Center: Second Opinion might just be what you are looking for, outside of watching old episodes of Regenesis.

As you can see, this game has you performing surgeries on folks with various maladies. To make things even more interesting, there is a man made disease called GUILT that has been released into the wild, and it’s showing up more and more in your patients. It’s up to you, awesome doctor Derek Stiles, to help rid the world of this deadly disease before it, you know, rocks mankind to its core.

The story is presented with mostly static drawn cutscenes with text dialogue, and it all has an anime flavor that is very fun. Although it never happens, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a giant mech appeared in the hospital and cured everyone with a healing ray.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion will be the first game on our list that we play Friday night. Get your scalpels ready, because this game is tough as nails.