Indie developers are getting more and more awesome. I suppose they were always awesome in a way, but holy crap, guys, we are starting to get some real gems, like No Time to Explain from tinyBuildGAMES.

Not much is known just yet, but it looks like you start off dancing happily in your house – to what looks like Dance Central, by the way (notice the Kinect) – when your future self bursts through the living room wielding a beam shooting rifle. Moments after, a giant crab snatches your future self, and you take chase, starting a circle of rescuing and time traveling.

Oh boy does it look great. It looks like it might be a mixture of standard, gun toting platforming (while using weapons like that beamy rifle to propel you upwards) and Super Meat Boy-esque ridiculously spiked walls and razor thin margins of error. And, of course, a sharktopus.

According to the developer, the game is set to release this summer for PC and Mac, and the money earned there will be used to fund porting to XBLA/PSN and Linux. It’s really a win for everyone.