Do you have a hankering for some sweet 2D shooting and are lamenting the fact that Epic Games has yet to announce the sequel to Shadow Complex? Well, you might not have to wait too much longer for a game to sate your appetite, as Moonshot Games is working on Fallen Frontier, a sci-fi, shoot-dudes-and-get-power-ups side-scroller.

Not a whole lot is know just yet about the game, but according to Moonshot’s site:

Our story follows a jaded lawman from Earth, arriving at the frontier worlds of Alpha Centauri on a mission of vengeance. Events unfold as an engaging film noir style mystery, and the hero quickly comes to realize that in this brave new world, nothing is quite as it seems.

Film noir IN SPACE? Sign me the hell up.

Whether it makes any difference to you or not, this studio apparently is comprised of ex-Bungie employees that are ready to make their own mark. You can tell there is some Halo influence in there already by how it looks like you can pick up and change weapons. I am eager to see how this turns out, and not only because it looks like a perfect charity event game. Shown in the trailer looks to also be some sweet cooperative action with really smooth transitions for when one of the players goes “off screen.”

No release date is currently set, but if you are going to PAX East, you should be able to play it at booth 759.