All right class, who likes good sidescrolling games? Ok, now who likes good sidescrolling games with lots of puzzles? Good, good. Now who likes good sidescrolling games with lots of puzzles that are super gorgeous? Oh, everyone, I see. Well then feast your eyes on this trailer of Trine 2, from Finnish developers Frozenbyte.

The original Trine was all about three adventurers who, upon touching a magical artifact at the same time, merged their bodies into one. This allowed the player to switch between three fantasy archetypes at any time to complete interesting puzzles set in a lush world. Plus it was fun, so that’s good. It can only be assumed that the same holds true in a relative sense for the sequel, although this time around there will be co-op in some form.

Some things you might notice in this video, outside of its purdiness, are several water based puzzles (these were not in the first game) and great character animations that are definitely noticeable to those who played the first. It also looks like it will come to XBLA this time around, where before it was a PS3 and computer exclusive. The sad news, though, is that according to their website, Trine 2 currently is not set for release on OS X, leaving us Mac people out of the loop. ‘Tis a shame if it ends up this way, as playing Trine with a tablet like I was fortunate enough to do is the way to go.