We all know that Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are super duper awesome, so it is no surprise that Mass Effect 3 will continue that trend. For those that haven’t heard, ME3 will be released next November, and just this past weekend the first trailer for the game was shown at the Video Game Awards on Spike (or as I like to call them, the “Whoever Has The Most Sponsorship Wins Awards”). A funny thing has been discovered regarding this trailer, though, and it turns out that quite a few pieces of music go right along with it.

Below is the original video. It’s pretty awesome all by itself. I mean, look at that snazzy CG!

This trailer is all like, “WELCOME TO EARF.”

But even as great as the trailer is on its own, adding other music on top of it can make it even more awesome. Using the site Tubedubber, one can create their own Mass Effect 3 trailer adventure. I suggest you give it a try. Unfortunately, these videos cannot be embedded, so you will just have to go to the site, but because I am a nice guy, here are a couple of links to some that I did:

Is there nothing the crazy Inception music can’t make better? So have fun, and post any awesome ones you might create in the ol’ comments box for all to see!