The second game we have lined up is Ubisoft’s 2003 hit Beyond Good & Evil. With a mixture of action, stealth, and a good storyline, BG&E captivated many a gamer upon it’s release. I personally remember some fond days with this game, but some frustration came only with the fact that it took up 59 blocks on a standard Gamecube memory card, which if you will recall is AN ENTIRE standard memory card. Luckily, for the show, we are playing the game on an old-timey, giant fat Xbox, so with its harddrive of power we should have no worries.

On the distant planet of Hillys in the year 2435, bad news is abound. The evil aliens known as the DomZ have been abducting and using the residents of the planet for their nefarious ways, causing – as you might expect – some unrest among the populace. Jade, our hero, has been working in an orphanage that houses children affected by these abductions until the DomZ threat becomes too great. With her bipedal pig-friend Pey’j, she sets off to help stop the intruders but soon finds out that the government may be on the wrong side. (Hint: I am pretty sure they are [Ahh spoilers!] )

We have this game scheduled to be played right after Super Metroid, and if all goes according to plans, that will be about midnight or so.