Something that you may not have known (but will quickly find out) is that I sometimes moonlight as a very awesome podcast host. This is not just on some show about books and movies either, but also on one that talks about games. What kind of games? VIDEO GAMES!

This show of shows is on over at, but let’s just be lazy and copy what that site wrote. I really don’t want to do any work; I already edited the thing together.

It’s time for another edition of Nintendorks Radio with your hosts Travis Woodside and Garret Evans. You can get your episode now on iTunes (search for Nintendorks Radio in the iTunes store) or right here.

Episode 059 – Hey, remember me?
Metroid Other M releases to mixed reviews. Basically everyone loves it except nerds wearing haterpants. Let’s talk about that.

Garret was nice enough to edit this episode for me so let’s all have a nice round of d-pad twisting for him!

Things we meant to mention: need for 3DS Metroid, furry gizmo, how many Ridleys are there and do they have a club?

Special thanks to OCremixer Vigilante for his awesome Zebesian Midnight track that he’ll never know we included in our radio programme.

Other games discussed: Limbo, Dead Rising 2 Case Zero, whatever Garret played

Part of “whatever Garret played” includes discussing Scott Pilgrim and that crazy iPhone demo: Epic Citadel.