Other than your dignity, that is. At this point in time we have all accepted what it looks like to shake a remote vigorously in front of our TVs. By now it is all second nature. Until today, however, we really did not know how much our bank account would suffer to upgrade to the new, super higher deffed, no controller having Microsoft Kinect. Well if you have been standing in anticipation (because as of now the Kinect doesn’t really understand sitting) to learn how much games will cost for the device, then today is your day.

According to various media outlets, and Microsoft’s own store, the Kinect itself will cost a one hundred and fifty frosties. This information has been widely known for some time, but IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW, NOW YOU KNOW.

The real question was how much were the games going to cost? Reports now say that they will be $59, or the cost of a normal 360 game. It may be my naiveté, but right now at least three Kinect games are listed in the “under $30” section of Microsoft’s store. There are prices listed, simply a “coming soon” placeholder. Amazon, on the other hand, lists everything for $49 (ten bucks off!), so I can only assume that Microsoft wants the general public to believe that they will be cheaper when they’re not. Or maybe they’re sincere. Who knows? It simply sounds fishy because Dance Central – the only game that looks interesting – is listed in this “under $30” category.

And how do I know that Dance Central looks interesting? Check this out:

The Kinect, and all of that business, releases in at the beginning of November.

Video from Nintendorks.com.