As it turns out, I am fairly certain that I have been in a coma for roughly a month after expending so much energy in LA. These things happen; there is no one to blame. Now that the past is behind us, and we have awoken from our slumber, let’s talk about video games! More specifically: let’s watch some clips!

The following videos are all via, the site I was fortunate enough to work with for this event. I am not going to put up all the videos we made there in this post. Instead I will link you to the articles associated with them, written by the other folks in the group: Kevin, Travis, and Cory. Nintendorks wants your traffic. CRAVES it.

Firstly, let’s talk about some Rock Band 3. Cory and I are the two of the group who love love love Rock Band – not to say that Kevin and Travis don’t, I mean, who doesn’t love that game – so getting a chance to play the third iteration of the series was a treat. This time, they’ve added a keyboard and a “Pro” mode aimed towards transitioning from game to real life. Both of those are great, and for more information, check out the preview Cory wrote, and some videos not in that preview:

During the show, we never did get a chance to play much Kinect thingies because they mostly had two hour long waits and also because they all looked very boring. But Kevin, our guy who we made do all of the silly things, shakes his thang while “playing” Dance Central by Harmonix.

And what about that overly cute Kirby game? Travis has you covered right here. That game was so great you don’t even know why it was so great. (Realistically you could come up with several reasons to define its greatness, but you don’t even have to to know that it is great.)

The guys did let me wax poetic about a few of the things I saw, including what we all thought of the 3DS, Nintendo’s new wonder machine.

We’ve already mentioned NamboJam, but if you haven’t seen NamboJam, you need to see Nambojam.

And there’s even more! Though it has been over a month since E3 has closed its doors, you should go and find the vast stores of information about video gamey goodness to fill the vacuoles in your heart. The articles listed above and more can be found at, or, if you wish, simply check out the Youtube page where all the videos live.