Alright folks, I know I’ve been late on posting anything regarding E3 here, but it’s only because I have a prior engagement to work with Nintendorks on this whole shebang. I’ve been working a ton of videos and such for the ‘dorks. I suggest you head over there and read their impressions of all of the crazy gaming craziness that E3 had to offer.

BUT, I really need you to watch this video. NBA Jam (NamboJam), for the Wii is fantastic and you can’t help but have fun. Remember how awesome you thought regular NamboJam was back in the 90s? Well, it’s like that, only it actually IS awesome. It’s so great!

I should have some images up pretty soon that I’ve taken to compliment those I had of Day 1, but those might have to wait a couple of days. But please, watch that video.