E3 isn’t just all about video games. You also get the chance to take home a ton of free crap. In past E3’s, before the giant E3 bubble burst and everything went all crazy for a couple of years, I hear that you could basically walk out with a new house. Booths would give you all kinds of crap. That game over there that wasn’t very good? It sure got a lot better when they gave out deeds to land in the Midwest. I hear that one time, to pump up the release of Jurassic Park for the Game Gear, Sega gave out pure amber with fossilized mosquitos in them. No joke.*

This year was a little more tame, and outside of a couple of choice items I unfortunately did not come away with all too much. Like in other posts, I do have some pictures for you to digest. They are HEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!

I’ll save you the trouble of trying to figure out what the best of the bunch is and point you to the heading of this post. Kirby patch beats all, but it’s followed fairly closely by the super great Rock Band 3 t-shirt.

*That was a joke.