This post serves as just a heads up on a couple of things that we have done to promote the event and general updates to the site. In the next couple of weeks we will need to start buckling down and like madmen, riding down the streets on the backs of wild unicorns tossing flyers and t-shirts to the hungering masses. That, or we will email a few more websites and work some things out. Either way, the results will be nearly the same.

The first is a listing on, a site where you can post events in and around the Oklahoma City area. I’m not quite sure how it all works, but we’re listed and that’s all that matters. Funny story: the chick that is in all of the videos spoke at a luncheon I was at a few weeks ago. I felt bad for her because she had to speak about the internet in front of a lot of people who probably had no idea what the internet was.

The link to the page can be found here.

Next, and as of five minutes ago, we were – again – listed on This place is a great resource for finding upcoming marathons, most of which all are for good causes. Definitely check it out. The webmaster also sends nice emails. They have recently revamped their site, as well, making easier to submit your marathon. I wonder if they’d accept a 72 hour Parcheesi marathon… We’ll just have to find out.

Would submit my marathon again. A+

The link to the post at GameMarathons is here.

And lastly, this news is less stellar, but I wanted to point you to the right side of the page. Now that Facebook owns 80% of your life, we found it agreeable to put up a handy dandy box that lets you “like” us like never before! Simply push the button. Go ahead, like it. LIKE IT. It also links directly to our Facebook page just like the link at the bottom of Hardmode. SOCIAL NETWORKING.

And that’s about it for now. That is all the news I can bring you for today.