It’s been a few days, but it is now time to discuss another game! Legend of the Mystical Ninja may quite possibly be the most quirky game on our list, but that does not mean it is not great in its own way. You can’t fault a game for having a ghost woman of the tower who is acting strangely. And that’s really all the story gives us. And it’s all you need to know.

Mystical Ninja is a fairly standard beat-em-up, broken with sections spent in towns gathering important information about this ghost everyone has been talking about. The action begins in side scrolling levels where the two main characters – Goemon and Ebisumaru – punch and hit minor enemies until they have to fight a giant boss! I don’t really know if the boss is giant or if we should be that excited for the boss, but I figured a little hyperbole could help.

If you have seen the boxart (hint: it’s on this page), then you know that occasionally you get to RIDE A TIGER. Quirky as the game may be, riding a tiger is always awesome. You know who else rides a tiger? HE-MAN. That’s right; HE-MAN. That’s why this game is awesome.

We currently have Mystical Ninja slated for around 4:00pm on Saturday.

Wikipedia has more information, but all you really need to know is that whole tiger-riding thing.