Tonight I did a very impromptu test on the new setup. If you are curious, click on the image above to see the screen for the computer that will be running the people-feed, or the one that will show the players, rather. That computer should be familiar to the whole mix; we used it last time for the same job, it’s not really doing anything new.

On the game side, however, we now have a new box that accepts component ins and streams out both through component and USB, making it so that you can have a pass-through to your TV and send video and audio to a computer. Truth be told, the device is made so that you can record television straight into you computer. But with some creative Camtwist-ing we’re able to stream it out. Although, for all intents and porpoises, we could also use it to record game footage and make a really awesome video game podcast…hmmmmm….HMMMMMMMM.

But I digress.

Tonight, I tested the software and hardware for a couple of hours just to make sure nothing would explode (that still remains to be seen). On average both streams were getting about 25 frames per second (fps), which is right above what most motion pictures run at. Now, I’m not saying that the feeds look as good as motion pictures (OR AM I? No.), but there’s some trivia about films if you didn’t already know that.

Here in a couple of weeks we plan on doing a more formal test at that location at the location where the event will be held, so stay tuned for that. We’re less than three weeks away from May 20th. The heat is nearly on!