Today, 18th of December in the year of our Lord 2009, marks a christening of epic proportions for! We launch our first marathon in only 7 hours!

Some may ask, “HM… How do you mentally prepare yourself for such a daunting task?”

That’s an interesting question, faceless viewer! Garret likes to work in an office near a computer and miscellaneous Apple accessories. Matt likes to boss Garret around and make him work harder than he gets paid for. While Joe, Justin, and Colin like like to load as many electronics into a small dorm room as possible and game. Game like there’s no tomorrow. Which very well may be the theme of this weekend. Can we survive the unsurvivable?!

These questions and more will be answered in only a few hours! Good luck and God speed,

EDIT: That’s more religious undertones than I meant to use. Too bad, deal with it.