As we’ve mentioned on other parts of the site, we have a list of donation goals that we are trying to hit during the event, and each of those goals will then force us to do something fun – albeit sometimes gross – for the enjoyment of everyone.

For our first goal, which is currently set at $150 (it was $100, but we’ve already rocked that one), is to do Russian Roulette. Fortunately we won’t be using guns, but instead a version that is much less lethal and a little more humorous. We like to call it Salt & Sugar Roulette. The idea is basically to get packs of sugar and salt, and a non partisan third party will mix their contents among the packs. Most people will end up with a tasty treat. One person a bitter pill.

We don’t want to ruin all of the surprises, but a couple of the goals involve crazy drinks and food found at our local Asian market. It’ll be like Fear Factor Lite. Still others will be a little more…shall we say…”hair raising.”