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Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference in games

Here is your E3 2014 schedule

By on June 2, 2014

They’re upon us once again: those magical three days where people sitting behind computer screens judge the hard work of hundreds of people based on a couple minutes of demo footage; Otherwise know as E3! This year, Twitch.tv has secured the rights to stream all of the big events during the show. Here is how they break down.

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Billionaire Banshee lets you learn what weird qualities your friends might be into

By on May 8, 2014

The news about this game has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and I feel bad for never having put some words to it. So now is the time! What are we talking about? Billionaire Banshee: Party Entertainment System, a card game about relationships that might involve unicorns and robots.

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Check out the blue sparks in this Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct

By on April 30, 2014

With Mario Kart 8 just a month away from release, Nintendo has decided to finally give us a whole heap of details about the game during this wacky Nintendo Direct. So watch this video and try to not think about how blue shells will want to make you throw your controller through a window.

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Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct: 40 minutes of Smash news

By on April 8, 2014

Nintendo has been doing a pretty good job dripping out information on the new Smash Bros. titles for the 3DS and Wii U, but today they put out a forty minute Nintendo Direct solely based on the game. Get ready for some hot Smash news!

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What if I told you Sony just announced Project Morpheus

By on March 18, 2014

Sony just let the cat out of the bag, and in this case the cat is a VR headset akin to the Oculus Rift. And while the Oculus looks like what you’d expect a virtual reality headset to look like, the Morpheus kind of looks like a space-aged mixer. Let’s just hope that it comes with a recharging station named the Nebakanezer.

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We haven’t done this in a while: Humble Bundle 11 is pretty sweet

By on February 25, 2014

The Humble Bundles have always been pretty great, but for whatever reason we haven’t showcased one in a while. WELL THAT ENDS TODAY because the Humble Bundle 11 features some pretty great games (with soundtracks!). You should take a look.

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